Property Investment, Development, & Management

Bala ltd provides specialist property-focused tax advice to companies and individuals from all areas within the property market, including property developers, management investment companies, chartered surveyors, architects, consulting engineers, and estate agents. We also advise other clients who may be faced with a one-off but very significant property decision.

Engineering & Technology Industry

We specialise in advising a variety of innovative technology companies. Whether you are looking for specific advice for a well-established company or require a more nurturing approach as a start-up; we provide the same quality service and commitment to each of our clients. We work with a range of clients in the sector understanding the risks and challenges evolving market means it is imperative to Keep abreast of new developments.

Wholesale Industry

Planning and managing a wholesale company requires constant balancing. You Need enough inventory to be responsive but not so much that you become Inefficient. You want to reduce costs but not productivity. You want to reward Effort that generates profit while motivating employees to generate more. From our understanding of performance and financial metrics to our knowledge of the distribution and wholesale business model to our proprietary research into compensation and benefits strategies, we provide our clients with the guidance to boost profits and minimise their resources.

Retail Industry

The retail market is diverse, complex, and increasingly global. Faced with rising commodity costs, changing demographics, and increasing legislation, not to mention a sluggish economic recovery and restrained consumer spending, retailers are finding it tough to meet their objectives. We understand the issues faced by companies of all sizes working throughout the supply chain. We at Bala also have an in-depth understanding of Key industry and sector-specific issues having worked with retail clients across a wide range of market sub-sectors, including restaurants, hotels, clothing, and pharmacies, we provide invaluable commercial insight and technical ability. Our approach is always hands-on and friendly.

Hospitality & Leisure

We understand the challenges facing the sector today. We can provide professional advice and support which allows businesses to respond quickly to new developments and demands. From restaurant audits to pub and club payrolls, we have got it covered. We provide services to clients of all sizes, from startups to substantial private and public companies. We pride ourselves in being able to provide assurance services that play a fundamental role in the successful Management of your organisation. Advisory services that help you provide a positive customer experience. This is essential in a market where the key differentiator is service excellence; and Professional advice that addresses your financial needs, as well as supporting your business through each stage of its strategic development.